Nice words

Nice words

Yesterday was bright and sunny. I spent the day in my studio preparing all our albums and promotional material for a couple who are getting married in December 2010. I enjoy this preparation – it gives me the chance to look at some of our previous weddings.

Sheila from Gneeveguilla came in and told me that she was very happy to see me – and she booked a confirmation portrait for next Monday.

A few months ago I had decided to move to Cobh. We had found a nice studio there next to a lovely house and were going about starting a new business in that area. For various reasons we changed our minds and I am happy to be here for customers like Sheila. She thought I was gone and rang the mobile on the shopfront and was surprised it was me. So, she was delighted to see me and her nice words about our last portrait session (last year) gave me a good feeling for the whole day.
Thanks Sheila……
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